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new from brisbane 182


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hi all i have had a 182 from new in 05 i would like to speak to people from brisbane who enjoy cruises track days etc i would also like to get some feed back from anyone who has got a clunk in their front end as i have from new. the dealer can not hear but i have heard in the uk that a lot of clios have this issue.

also if their is anyone out there who can help with mods eg exhaust brakes flashtune carbon bonnet etc i woul like to hear from you as i would like to start modding. thanks matt

email matts3231@optusnet.com.au

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Welcome Matt!

The clunking is a well known issue in 172s, but I don't recall hearing of a 182 with this ailment... in 172s it was related to a number of factors - some people found that the clunking was from a loose exhaust manifold, others found it to be the front struts that required a modification to the towers, and as 'roo mentioned, it may also be a loose mount. Being a 182, I'm tipping it may be the latter as Renault seemed to have cured many of the 172's ailments by the time the 182 was launched.


Anyways, as for mods, there are plenty of topics for you to swot up on - get reading buddy! Enjoy your stay.

Cheers, Dish.

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Welcome to the forum, Matt!


Great to have another Brissy newbie around :D I hope that we'll be able to all meet for a drive day in the not too distant future. As you've already seen we're in the process of organising things already.


I'm sure you will really enjoy hanging around here. I've only been here a couple of weeks and I've learned a massive amount about my Clio already. Everyone has been really helpful and willing to give advice. I'm sure you'll find everything you need to know right here :)

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