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Refine the search functioin


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Hi guys


As a new member (well recent owner) I have been trying to seach for my question anwers rather than start threads that have been covered before.


Standard Practice right?


My issue is that I am finding the search funtion particularly ineffective at helping me locate threads. The main reason for this is that I can't find a funtion/option that allows me to isolate my search works to the title of the thread only.


Any search ends up with about half the forums coverage, as someone always seems to mention 'timing belt' in just about every thread :D


Is it possible to activate this option or is there a simble i can used to perform this comand?


thanks guys happy searching!

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We're hoping that when we upgrade to Version 3 of the php software (in the near future) that the search facility will be better. It's something that we have been wishing for, that's for sure!


Firstly though, are you using the search field found on the top right corner of each page? Or are you using the Search page up in the middle of the top banner?

By going to that Search page you can help filter things by clicking on the drop down list of forums that we have.


Probably better to search for belt in Clio tech forums than timing belt in all of them as it will also search for every instance of the word "timing", eg "that was good timing" in Off Topic which may have no relevance. Also, some may refer to it as a cam belt so your search could exclude those inadvertently.

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