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Where OzRenaultSport.com is headed


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There's been a little bit of talk between a few of us about taking this whole group thing a little further.


Heading towards having a proper club & events etc.


So within the next few weeks we'll have 2 or so meetings, where we can all get together & chat about what we want to get out of it all.

(and what we'll need to put into it!!!)


Now being in syd, that sorta excludes the Bris/Perth/Mel/Adel people, however we'd definetly still like them to be involved of course, so respective meetings would be good if they can be organised.


So stay tuned & have a think about what you want & what you can do!

No real need to reply post, however post up if you're interested in taking part at the meetings so we can get a venue sorted.

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Perth is a long way from Sydney Nate, even so I'd be interested.


There is no Renault Club in WA and I would like to get involved at some

level in a relevant Renault based club. I'm a member of another

association based in Perth but we have affiliated groups/clubs in other

states that allows all of us to share the costs of insurance and member

benefits. ie if people in Sydney decided to form the Renaultsport club

potentially members could be from anywhere in Australia and these

affiliated groups could operate under the central banner and its

constitutional and incorporated (very important these days) protection.


I'd like to be kept in the loop on any negotiations in this area.



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