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Businesses Posting sale items in the clio chat section


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Hi guys,


Im all for dealers becoming members of this forum and making a contribution to this site, but when they start advertising in the wrong section or advertising at all it seems they are only here to make a quick buck and are not to become part of our community.


Just wondering if some rules could be imposed on businesses in regard to advertising, just really want to keep them out of the general forums if they have nothing constructive to post.


Am i being to harsh?

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...moved! :wink:


I agree with you on some points Vukie, but let's give em a chance to begin with. Forum "etiquette" is something we all have to learn I guess.


There are people here that are in the market for a car, whether it be second hand or new, and I think that a dealer appearing in here isn't such a bad thing. At least there's the possibility that Kurt is enthusiastic enough to partake in matters discussed on this site as he's already shown. By showing some enthusiasm for the product at least he can garner some trust in a would-be purchaser.


My 2.2c


Cheers, Dish.


(I have not received any rewards of any kind for the above statements!)

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Thanks for the thumbs up Dish


I have a great passion for all things Renault, especially and RS products.


I didn't merely join this site to banter on about the dealership I work for.


Like I mentioned in another post, i checked this site out becuase Deb mentioned it when she took the RSM for a test drive.


Since then I have sat back and viewed the site almost daily, and I finally decided to join in because I thought I had some valid points to add.


God knows I'd love to borrow our demo RSC and come on a drive with u guys sometime, sounds like a blast!


And the reason I posted about having an incoming RSCC was more to let an enthusiast have a look and possibly buy the car, than just any old jo off the street. ( like the first RSCC we had in that was sold to this dumb woman who didnt know what it was, couldn't drive a manual and bought it because it looked cute and her friend told her that the wheels were cool.....but thats another story :roll: )


Anywho I know how long the wait is on these cars, and I know that there are probably some people on this site who are looking to get into one ASAP, was just tryin to help out. I'm not looking to span this place with non stop sh*t about the dealership I work for. Im here in 2 parts, minor part for Tynans, but mostly for myself.


Sorry if I offended

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Sounds good to me Kurt, I didn't know what your intentions were yesterday having only seen a few posts from yourself, and most seemed to be dealer orientated, but now that it's all out in the open I'm sure as an enthusiest and a dealer you will have alot to add to the forum :D


By the way are you looking at purchasing a RS model in the near future? Or will it just be trying to take the dealer demo out for drive days etc?

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I'm really interested in getting into a RSC, i almost purchases our demo 172 until that sold last week. Bosses could make more money off a customer you see :wink: LOL


Today I'm driving a clio 1.4 authentique manual, black, with talon bodykit and alloys, nice lookin car, not much go!


I could afford a RSC on my car allowance, but with so many other bills its a little out of my reach at the moment, but i am saving for one in the future

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I'm ok with a dealer letting us know about a car they have for sale. I think if the forum were a lot busier and we had a lot of dealers trying to sell cars it would be a problem but that isn't the case.


In the case of a 182 a lot of people have had long waits to get one so finding out that a deal has fallen through and one is available could be quite handy for someone in the market.


I'm cool with things how we are now but if it gets out of hand we can just put a sticky thread up on sales etiquette, whats allowed, what isn't etc


What I would like to see is offers of discounts on spare parts, aftermarket stuff, accessories, servicing etc for members :wink:

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My post about the car I have arriving was more just to let ppl know that one would be available, not to try and push it on to anyone here.


I know some people are waiting awful long amounts of time for their cars, and sometimes they just want to see one like it, so i thought it might help


Hey if someone here buys it, thats a bonus


But i certainly wont be spending my time on the boards spaming about Tynan Motors :D

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What I would like to see is offers of discounts on spare parts, aftermarket stuff, accessories, servicing etc for members :wink:


GWS Renault Melbourne (Ringwood & Nunawading) will offer a $100 gift voucher for any referal that results in a sale....how does that sound?


If you're going to refer someone though make sure you PM me first (or call) so that the customer can be logged along with your details so that we know who to send it to & can verify it was your referal.


I try to keep pretty low key advertising wise...however I am happy to let people know when cars come up if that is what you would like. Anyone can give me a call at work regarding any cars though if they have any questions...more than happy to help. :D

I try to look after fellow enthusiasts/club members as much as I can.



Di Anderson

Renault sales consultant.

Garry & Warren Smith P/L

03 9877 3355

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