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And the Award goes to...


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...Jimmy James!


Welcome to the fold JJ, our lucky 172nd member! Since this is no longer the current model however, you score the booby prize: a hand-carved potato in the shape of a potato :P hmmm, ok, so it's just a peeled potato, but that was the best I could come up with at short notice.


172 members though... that's fabulous! So soon we'll have the lucky 182nd member to congratulate... and then the 225th member... prize suggestions anyone?


Cheers, Dish.

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Wow! After 10 days, we've added 11 more members... so the lucky 182nd member is.... (drumroll)... envelope please... thank-you


Draino063!! :lol:




(ummm... what sorta handle is "Draino063" anyways... hmmm... ok...)


Well, step on up buddy and claim your prize! (umm, fellas, what's the prize this time? I ate the potato since JJ didn't claim it :oops: )

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