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hello again my fello chums :)

andy bassett

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bin a while i know but had alot going on with the birth of my new son 4 months ago and all is go on our wedding front to, as we get wed in june :D


also some may know that the icon ie my car ( :twisted: The Phenom :twisted: ) :lol: is up for sale, its fully stripped down and back to stock now, only thing left on is the remap,

had to remove the

rear lights

the forge intercooler

the forge actuator

the forge blanking plate

my ITG filter

the Xenon light upgrade

all my stereo

my One of a kind zorst system

+ other stuff :shock: forgot how much i had done to it..


but the last rolling road i done with her it hit 266 bhp and 270 ftlb so all is good there :D , so it will be just as quick now its back to stock, well it feels as quick still :D


will be sad to see it go but i think i wil get another one after we get wed, well i got to put some of my bits back onto soink aint i :lol::lol::lol::lol:





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Sorry to hears that your departing with her Andy :(


Is the next little beastie going to be more family orientated or do you have other plans :lol::lol:


Ohh and congrats on all the weeee one + wedding



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family orientated wats that :lol: , and hell no, i got soink up my sleeve, :wink:


as to wat will replace the phenom :lol: im not to sure yet but i got a few ideas, and it will be good :wink:


oh and her is a couple of the boy, bailey alan ( after my dad who pasted last may )


the first one was taken at 3 days old and the second one at 3 months old :)





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