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Rarely post, but had to after this!!


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Long story short.
A garage door wacked my sunroof off!

Oh the irony of a French word like “garage” and the damage it caused to my car and my life.😭😭😭

My RS280 EDC Sport is finally back, back in black. I'm 46 years old and have cars in my dna 🧬  all my life I loved hot hatches, Suzuki GTi’s and all the rest of the Japanese hot hatch trends but only once they had been proven.

Then came year 2000. I started to read about the Renault Clio 172 and it's amazing handling abilities. Nothing grabs me by the balls like a proper handling fwd car for me. 

So I bought a black Clio 172 and it lived up to all the hype!!

How many times Lancers and similar cars had tried to follow my lead only to fall down a ditch or into the gutter? It was on rails and I loved it. 


Years past, WRX’s were owned and enjoyed for all of their all wheel prowess, yet, something was missing as the years went by.

Then in 2017 a flame red Clio RS edc caught my eye and I remembered how the French sleighed handling on FWD hatches especially Rs models, even mini-me RS models. 

It's nissan 1.6T and French handling flair was a hoot and fuck me that car was reliable as all hell. Stuck to the road like a true hot hatch and I loved it.


Eventually I had to sell for family reasons but in 2022 I was able to reach “my pinnicle” and that is the Black 2018 Renault Megane 280 RS EDC I own today. With michellin pilot sport 5’s all round this car is a fucking hoot to drive. Handling on rails and the back end steps out if you want to tug it around corners, feels like a rwd stepping out, so controllable. 

Then you have the looks, yes, looks are subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder but fuck me.

My car is the sexyest, best looking, best sounding all-round package for less than 30k you can get. Every hot hatch owner drools like crazy when they see my ride. I can hear the sounds of necks snapping as I drive past and wrap the engine in race mode.


Anyway, these cars are a fucking insane piece of kit for less than 30k second hand. WTF are all the sheep doing in their GTi’s and Golf R’s. They look so bland and boring in comparison the my exotic black RS. And I know a bit about design, I have been in graphic design for over 25 years and this car has curves in all the right places. If it was a girl I wouldn't marry her, but I would cum every night for the rest of my life.

There you go I said it.

“My car is car porn”.

This isn't my car but it may as well be.

I could watch this video all day. 

You sexy thing. Enjoy the car porn.

Peace out. ✌️🏼







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Great tale Simon, and a similar path of crumbs that many of us followed to find the one.

Don't feel too bad about the garage incident, sometimes you just need to leave in a hurry.

When I got my new Megane I was so in love, I remember seeing a post online saying the Autocar (NZ) magazine was out and "my angel was the centerfold" on the cover.. literally, I had purchased the press car and it was one of two in the country... anyway, I rushed out to the garage and reversed so fast I forgot to open the door.. I do wonder if that garage still has the shape of a Megane debossed in it. 

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