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Hi, I'm about to buy and need Tuts


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Hi all,

I'm about to buy a 2017 Megane GT, and would like suggestions on a resource where I can learn everything I can about all the R-Link features and how to do this and that.

I haven't needed a car for almost 10 years (freelancing from home), but now I'm back full-time at a 'day job' and needing a commute. My previous car back then was 1996 Rx7 FD, so I was after something unique, stylish, with emphasis on handling, but I don't 'necessarily' need it to punch out in terms of HP. This is a commuter after all. I was originally thinking an Audi A3, but they're unreliable; everyone's grandma has a Golf; never liked Beemers; Civics, Swifts and so on are snooze-fests and I saw the Megane, the form, read about the handling, the sound system, so on, saw all the sheer French of it and it's just like "Hell yeah, I'm in."

I've always really liked the R.S., but I've done the 'performance' thing and wont even try to recreate what I had. Rotary owners are elitist, we just are, and this is a commuter. The GT seems cool enough power-wise, but more importantly to me, it's great across the board with everything else.

And that's the thing... The Rotary was pure 90s performance, the pinnacle of analogue. There was no computer, no touch screen, no drive settings, none of that, so I am coming from zero here and needing to learn. I've never even used cruise control before. There's also the paddle shifters I need to get used to. When driving the Meegz (I've driven 2 now), I've also noticed a real 'dead' floaty feel to it in the sub-50km region where I didn't really know where I was in terms of speed, and had to keep referring to the dash to see whether I was going 20 or 60. I imagine the rear-steering played its part in that disassociation, and it's just something I'll need to get used to.

I was wondering though whether it may have been drive mode? I was in 'comfort' for most of it, and the Salesman did flick over to sport to try impress me with the performance (it's like 'dude please'), and he kept changing drive modes and transmission modes and I just didn't know where I was half the time, or what response I should be feeling for. See the Rotary, but even my Mum's automatic Carolla that I sometimes borrow for trips beyond Uber range had a direct response when you put the foot down, and you don't need to look down to know where you are. But again, I'm going on almost 20yrs of tech difference in cars here; maybe that's just how cars are now. I've got a lot to familiarise with.

Anyway, if anyone could point me to a resource where I can learn about these systems and features, that'd be great. Don't say "just read the manual". I don't have it yet, and want to know enough for when I make the first proper drive.

P.S. I've also heard mention of the possibility of updating R-Link to v9 or something that allows for Apple CarPlay integration. Is that a thing? It's not a biggie for me; I don't mind just plugging in a cable, but if I can, that'd be cool.


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My Megane GT has the R-Link 2 updated from version 2.x to version 7.xx (I forget which one) I was able to enable android auto by following some videos from youtube about using a USB drive and getting into developer mode, in order to enable Android auto (or Apple Carplay) from the developer menus.

It worked a treat and didn't cost me a thing, need to b7uy an OBD2 etc. just a blank USB key I had lying around, and following instructions about making a DEBUG folder and putting a txt file in there with a specific name.

Then inserting it into the car and doing the old touchscreen tap, tap, tapparoo. I now have AA enabled (wired only at this point but I'll buy a wireless adaptor soon) and it works great.

There is a few tutorials on YouTube, but some aren't as clear as others, I watched a few in foreign languages with subtitles and I got the gist of it.

BTW the way I'm a big fan of rotors and 90sJDM cars in general.

I've owned an SR 180SX for the past 21 years

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Perfect, thanks for the reply. I'm literally picking a Megane up tomorrow. Yeah I may have watched the same foreign language vids you have. Good to hear confirmation it worked.

I know the 180 quite well. A friend of mine was big into Nissans. He had the classic black top white body look with a few club stickers to accent.

Thanks for the help. I'm looking forward to tomorrow; I've been waiting on this for a while now.


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