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Hey guys,

I’m look for some advice as I really have no experience with Renault as a brand whatsoever. I went and looked at a 2014 Megan’s RS 275, it looked pretty tidy to me, had never been tracked, has had a stage 2 tune done. In terms of maintaining a car like that, what could you all tell me about like, cost of parts, availability of parts, how reliable they are, that kind of thing. Would love any and all advice you can give me because again, I have no experience with Renault.


Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to OzRenault. 




You'll find plenty of info here regarding Renaults and a lot of people happy to share their knowledge. 

The key things are evidence of regular scheduled services that should be in the service manual. 

If you want to start an in depth discussion just ask about replacing the timing belts. 🙂

There are many varying views. 

For mine, I suggest it is just the cost of running an F4RT interference motor.

Best place to start is by reading the Meg III technical section here.

Hope you enjoy your Renault ownership. 

Many here do.   🙂

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