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Rear Rotor Bearing Clio 3 RS


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Hi all of the Renault community,

I have recently upgraded the brakes on my 2010 Renault Clio 200 Gordini to DBA T2 front slotted rotors and ferrodo fs2500 front pads. I ordered the Bremtec Euroline rear rotors and some TRW pads. The main issue is that the bremtec rear rotors did not come with a bearing in the rotor.

My question is can I put a standard 30mm bearing with the correct shaft size into the rotor or can I not. A European car specialist told me that you cant buy them and is there anything within the bearing itself that has anything to do with the ABS? I thought I would ask the community for there opinion. Or do I own some expensive and large paper weights

Regards in advance

P.S there was a lot of hassle getting those rotors and it went through a few channels to get to Perth from Queensland so none of the party's want nothing to to with it

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I was in the same boat as you with the bremtec discs. 

I ordered them and they did not come with the bearings. Ordered in January from Brakes direct and confirmed that they would come with bearings before ordering. They arrived without bearings and I emailed them back regarding this as all their books indicate that it comes with them, and they went straight to bremtec who gave them the run around for months.

I finally got the bearings yesterday. So I would suggest you email bremtec with the receipts and demand the bearings that should come with them.

These are the bearings.




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