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Newby with a Megane R.S 265 Sport 2013


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Hey bois (and girls?)


TLDR: Got Megane 265, has some issues. List of cool upgrades.


In April of 2021, I purchased a Megane R.S 265 Sport (upgraded from my 08 Mazda 3 which I owned from brand new). So far, I've had more issues in the 8 months of my Megane than I had in my 13 years of Mazda 3 ownership haha. As a car DIY enthusiast I thought it would be a great idea to join this forum to learn from and maybe even help some fellow Renault owners. I have purchased a couple of servicing type manuals for the Megane which are pretty good. Below I've listed the problems I currently am experiencing/need to fix and below that are upgrades/things I'd like to do to my car in the future.


Current Issues:

Radiator cooling fan isn't working (I will create a separate topic for this)

ABS/ESC warning light is on

Drivers side interior door handle broken

Drivers side sun visor is loose and randomly comes down


Things I want to do/would like to do if money grew on trees:

Short Shifter

Intercooler/radiator upgrade

19inch wheels and new tyres

Akrapovic exhaust

Haltech tune (or something similar)

Oil catch can

Oil cooler


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Short Shifter - Great mod, no negatives for this. have done it

Intercooler/radiator upgrade - Intercooler upgrade only required if you are going hybrid or aftermarket turbo - cannot comment on radiator mod no experience with it

19inch wheels and new tyres  - already have these but I run 18" rims on the track

Akrapovic exhaust - a lot of $'s for a little bit less weight and a more raspy note

Haltech tune (or something similar) - Motec do an ECU $5K, get a tune for $1000 ish

Oil catch can - Have done this myself, ran the car for over a year - no oil in it, not a necessary mod.

Oil cooler - probably worth a go if you are doing lots of laps all in one go at the track - say 20 minutes +

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