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Newest of Newbs - Enjoying the process and have set my first goal!


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Brand new to the scene. Just picked up a 220 RS about 6 weeks ago, really enjoying it and let's just say i want to enjoy it more. I have minor brake squeaking when i lock out in reverse, but other than that car is set for some mods. I've been studying other cars and getting familiar with performance upgrades and garages. Just curious how would people go about getting from 220bhp to 300bhp? I have that as a goal for now but just curious how other members would go about it :)

Thanks!! 🙂

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Im not exactly experienced in the field of tuning but from what i know builds that make that kinda power are usually running hybrid turbo setups. The typical intercooler, turbo, intake, set of pipes, tune etc etc. Some owners from what ive seen have also run NOS and i know one member in this forum is running Meth/Water setup. Dont know if that helps and i will most likely be corrected on this haha😅

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