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New member - silver 182 rego AH24MH


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Hi all,


my name's Robert Kempton, and i'm 23 yo chemical engineer living down in the Gong. Drive a silver 182, which i got in November last year (was meant to be a 182 Cup but Tynan's Sutherland screwed up the order.... shame on them!). Have seen heaps of RS Clio's about Sydney and a few in the Gong, and have waved, tooted or flashed at most (apologies if i've embarassed you!). Is great to finally link up with other RS owners - Joey (CL10SP) told me about the site as we were chatting and crusing down the F6 the other day, and am glad to join up.


The thing i love most about the RS Clio is the look that Jap tuners and V8 drivers have on their face when they realise that they've been toasted by a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder frog :wink:


Look forward to getting to know you all




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Welcome Rob,


I actually spotted a 182 non-cup tonight (check sightings...) and I think they look AWESOME! I'm really starting to like the lighter alloys (meh, I want to spot a 182 FRB non-cup!)


Anyway, welcome to the club. I frequent wollongong quite often (Relatives in Berkeley, Port Kembla... Shell Cove and so on), so I'll probably spot you around! Might actually be down there in 2 weeks. Will keep an eye out!


So, how on earth did they screw the order? Did you get a MASSIVE discount off the Cup model? I'm assuming they wanted to unload an unwanted non-cup model...





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Dave this calls for another South Coast run. :wink:


Quote of the day goes to Joey. :headbang:


I second that 8)




sounds like a plan..... what are you guys up to on the long weekend?


Double Demerits...


I might be heading down this sunday though

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