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Clio RS 200 Sport Insight


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Hi all,

I've recently been looking for a first car and have always dreamed of a Renault Clio RS 200 Sport, mostly looking at the 2015-2016 model to make the price more reasonable (10-15k). I am currently in Melbourne planning to use to go back and forth to university and for personal pleasure to drive in mainly urban areas. I personally love the design and its solid fuel consumption, however I know little about details of its maintenance, servicing, common problems and stability of the car in comparison to commonly used cars in Melbourne such as Toyota (I always hear they're usually the most stable and cheapest option). My dad is convinced that renault cars are a liability after a while and that the servicing is not particularly good in Australia as he heard from a friend of his that is a mechanic (I think it depends on the dealer, but I don't think my dad wants to risk anything and wants me to drive a safe car).

Is it possible if someone can give a rough approximation as to what the maintenance costs would be on a yearly basis including servicing, changing tyres etc. and also perhaps mention the common issues that arise with the 2015 Clio RS 200 Sport. Ultimately, in everyone's honest opinion, is it worth to spend 10-15k on this as a first car weighing its advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully I made myself clear lol.

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This post cover most of your questions about the Clio IV RS

About servicing, there are garages specialising French/Renault like Alpine Affair, Auto Paris and Virage Motors in Melbourne. I'm using Virage Motors as they are close to my work place and my recent service (30,000km) cost me around $290.

They are great car if you can get over with the EDC flaw, go and test drive one thoroughly especially stop/start traffics (main weakness when the gearbox can't decide using 1st or 2nd gear).


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