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  1. The battery type is CR2032, take the top part out then pop the battery cover. Very easy to do.
  2. This post cover most of your questions about the Clio IV RS About servicing, there are garages specialising French/Renault like Alpine Affair, Auto Paris and Virage Motors in Melbourne. I'm using Virage Motors as they are close to my work place and my recent service (30,000km) cost me around $290. They are great car if you can get over with the EDC flaw, go and test drive one thoroughly especially stop/start traffics (main weakness when the gearbox can't decide using 1st or 2nd gear).
  3. You would want to keep the turbo warm for faster spooling.
  4. davidc

    Clio Rs Mods

    That was the stock tune, this is the latest one with proalloy fmic+koya's downpipe/flexpipe+k&n panel filter
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