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Hello from nz - 2015 rs 265


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hi guys,

thanks to mate rszwei for introducing me to this forum  :)

last year i bought a 2015 rs265 in liquid yellow, one owner,  38,000km

nz spec includes recaros, rs monitor, 19in black + red wheels.

coming from a golf mk5 gti, the meg is a revelation  :D

car is stock apart from a set of michelin cup2 tyres.




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Welcome from an ex-kiwi in Oz. I travel back there frequently and don't think I've ever seen a single Meg 3 RS, good to know they do exist. Enjoy. What part of the country are you in? 

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Nice access to some very RS-type roads. I'm quite familiar with the Paekakariki Hill Road if you know that one. 

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yes, paekak hill and rimutaka hill roads are favourites.

the meg feels a bit big on paekak though, a clio rs would be ideal.

haywards/grays road is fun too, especially at night.

bit of a nightmare getting into the capital at the moment.

major road works at otaki and mckays crossing/ transmission gully - that road should be a great drive when it opens in 2020.

and the new kapiti expressway needs $25m of resealing after only a year !

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