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Wanting some more noise!


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Hey there!

I am new to the forums and also a new Renault owner. I picked up my 2015 Clio RS 220 Trophy over two weeks ago now and loving every second of it. My friend owns a 200 and had the resonator removed from his and made it sound a bit nicer. I was wondering if there were any disadvantages to doing this other than making it a bit louder and more burbly. Does it decrease any power outputs or any other bad reactions?

Cheers for your help!1978772805_IMG_70612.thumb.JPG.eff7e267bf25cd3b04f88c3e75c19e55.JPG


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I have a sport 200, no change in performance (I haven't had it on the Dyno or anything though), no issues with droning etc. It's increased the fuel consumption but only because I love the sound so much!


I'm thinking of removing the secondary cat (I think you only have one in the 220), reports that this also helps. Sports cat also would be very nice.



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