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my history with 200 rs cup


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Purchased as a demo 2014 from the dealer on lutwchye  rd (difficult to work with from the purchase to  service ) so went to cricks hwy very satisfied with results. probs with car that seem unresolvable are with gearbox & controler & software ie occasional no drive (box full of neutrals) scary when half way through an intersection or roundabout car reving away not going anywhere (possable life thretening position). this only happens in standard drive mode . hae had the car go into limp home mode ie selecting 2nd & 4th gear. the post haste trip to service the car was given a new gearbox controller unit & rs 220 software . guess what the no drive prob still is there , was told to drive around in sport mode as a work around ( not the go in suburbia). I understand this is a common prob as i have talked to other rs owners ,, this is realy unacceptable in this age. That said I realy enjoy the car (most fun since my cooper s in 74) harder I push the better it goes,now with 80k on it ran out of goodyear F1 tyres & was sold a dump by tyre guy and bought hankook vensis , not a sport tyre ,gt tyre at best ( the animal has now left the vehicle) . when new I was concerned about the compressor & can of goop repair method , so I lucked in and found 4x slightly used 17,, oem rims & on checkingboot space spare fits neatly into ,createded cover & carpeted same (looks just like a bought one} wouldnt leave home without it!                                                                           the thins I have had replaced under warranty are  thermo fan assy (vibratting badly when running) ambiant temp sensor (reading 48 deg below 0) also dash computer reset, lower front end with bushings at 25k, drivers door wiring harness ( not auto locking & window down failure) ,rear seatbelt latch (wireing failure) , high pres turbo (plastic ) pipe failure , blown on plastic weld. Thank goodness for 5 year warranty. I still love the car to bits , I hope all the bugs are gone before end of warranty . the big worry is the no drive thing on slowing can be resolved ( very dangerous) but i have my doubts . Car is I feel best in class , see what the future has instore.      

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Wow sounds like a nightmare. sorry you've been through all that.
Yes a couple of those issues are well documented, and such a shame you've ended up with them and more.
Bizarre that the gearbox update didn't work. I would question if they actually did it. Some of the lies I and others have experienced from every brand of dealer is nothing short of unbelievable.
I would recommend that any time you're in Sydney take it to one of the reputable independent people down here. Also take it to another dealer again (a pain I know) and see if they can do any better.
They're great cars though otherwise aren't they? Hope it's going to be a much smoother ownership story for you from now on.

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thanks Chuck, The gearbox no drive thing is an international prob ,as posted on this site new 220*s do it too , all the other stuff gets fixed drive prob no , we should get together on this & go public on this dangerous problem, thanks for reading my stuff.
I think it's a pretty common problem in all dual clutch gearboxes - VW and ford have been publicly shamed, and I guess a good outcome from ford - the new focus auto is a conventional one! VW hasn't listened. I had a Skoda with the VW 7sp dsg and that has exactly the issues you're talking about, and after return #7 to the local dishonest VW dealer (tautology on purpose) I traded it for our Citroen grand Picasso with a normal auto. I'm convinced that half the time the dealer didn't want to fix it because they got so much work from me that VW paid a pretty penny for.

Anyway... I've found my Clio IV to be surprisingly good, even in normal mode. I hope yours gets to that point.
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NOT done yet ' as other brothers have commented , now aircon is now getting to be a prob. ok driving along , after stopping at traffic lights for around 2 min it is only pushing ambient temp air ,a min or so coolair comes back. So [m thinkin compressor about to die or system ha leak and d0wn on gas.Stay tuned for the next exciting episode after next service.  

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