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rlink help please ( megane GT Wagon)


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hi there,

yes Im a newbie and need some assistance on a couple of things

Im trying to register in the rlink store, and to get the rlink serial number
i have followed the instructions of how to put the usb stick in the car, then go back to my computer and insert, and nothing...what am i doing wrong?

Im just trying to figure out this whole touch screen thing, and what is available ( I have a Megane GT Wagon)

I thought it had voice activation too...ie to request phone numbers etc..but i cant seem to figure it out

maybe i need to go back to the dealer..but thought you good people may be able to help

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Meg III or Meg IV?

Pretty sure that you need to use the SD card to do updates on the Meg III (I did on my 275 at least).  Meg IV is probably the later version of rlink where you use a USB stick to update (like the current Clio).

You also need the correct version of rlink tool installed based on model.  I made the mistake of installing the later version, followed the instructions with the USB and same thing happened...nothing!

Once I installed the correct version, used the SD card from the car worked perfectly.

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