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New 225 owner!


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Hi everyone,
I'm an undergrad mechanical engineer from Newcastle and I picked up this 225 last week!
After lurking around the forums forever while I looked at cars I think it's time to say hi haha
It's got a little bit of work still to be done on it but overall have been quite happy with it so far.
I'll be putting some posts up soon regarding tyres and brakes so I can get it all sorted out for some fun!
Thanks in advance to everyone who might help me in the future!

Edit: bonnet is popped open in the pic, before it drives anyone crazy haha
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Love the 3dr. They are the lightest weight and carry the unique body styling so well. Welcome and enjoy. 

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Thanks! Don't tempt me haha

I did my thesis at uni on race car aerodynamics, so maybe expect something down those lines eventually. If I find the time to make a 3d model of the 225 I'll do some simulations and see how the booty affects the wake of the car haha

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