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Megan Rs 265 Trophy+ 2013 . Multi display on tom tom?


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Hi all. 

Been the owner of a Megane Rs 265 Trophy + 2013 (grey) for a couple of months now. It is my first french car and how I love this car very much. So fun to drive.  Anyway , my question is this. On one of the booklets I got with the car, it mentioned a multi display on the tom tom navigator screen . And do get this to show up you have to hold the RADIO and Multimedia button at the same time ( the one behind the steering wheel). I have tried many times and can not seem to get this to work.   According to the booklet is brings up all different displays like turbo pressure, etc etc. Yet all that comes up is the nav screen, the radio or the blue tooth devices screen.  

I am thinking since I bought this second hand from a ford dealer, was wondering maybe it is for a different model, and my car does not have this multi display screen?  Does anyone know what I am talking about and if so what I am doing wrong, or my car just doesn't have this option.  Thanks.


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Yes I know what you're talking about, and frustratingly you either got sat nav or the RS monitor stuff you're taking about.
Regardless of the manual, they're mutually exclusive.
If it's any consolation I don't miss it as I never had it, and if I had the choice I would much prefer the reversing camera having owned the car for a while now.

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