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Just Sayin' Hi


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Hi everyone,

I spent a bit of time (actually quite a lot) on here researching before I bought my Megane RS250 Cup and just wanted to say hi. :)

First up I have to say that the 250 is a freakin' sweet car! It's everything I expected and more.


I signed up because I have a few questions which I'll search the forum for answers for or start topics in the appropriate sections.


Happy driving!

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Yep, first Renault. Actually first fun car I've owned full stop. I had a '96 Corolla Seca 1.6 before this. I guess anything is fun after that. It was super reliable, though, both in terms of mechanics and understeer.  :P 

The only other fun cars I've driven much are '70's Corvettes. They handle...well, they don't. But my God you just feel so cool driving them.

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