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  1. Yep, first Renault. Actually first fun car I've owned full stop. I had a '96 Corolla Seca 1.6 before this. I guess anything is fun after that. It was super reliable, though, both in terms of mechanics and understeer. The only other fun cars I've driven much are '70's Corvettes. They handle...well, they don't. But my God you just feel so cool driving them.
  2. Hi everyone, I spent a bit of time (actually quite a lot) on here researching before I bought my Megane RS250 Cup and just wanted to say hi. First up I have to say that the 250 is a freakin' sweet car! It's everything I expected and more. I signed up because I have a few questions which I'll search the forum for answers for or start topics in the appropriate sections. Happy driving!
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