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Renault R-Link & R-Link 2


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Purchased a new Renault Megane GT and the TCU (telecommunications unit) is only capable of operation at 2G, the car was manufactured by Renault in October 2016 and delivered in 2017. Renault announced that 2G would not be supported any longer in June 2016 before the car was manufactured. Yet my new car comes with all the R-Link buttons working but the wrong TCU fitted making the R-Link system basically redundant. Without a net work connection the Traffic function and live maps don't works and the apps are redundant. Would like to hear from anyone with the same issues with contact details and those what had a R-Link system when they were first delivered to Australian that now does not work or purchased a new car and finding the R-Link functions greyed out. Would also like to hear experiences with faulty R-Link and R-Link2 units and the issues they have had. From my experience Renault Australia is very good of stonewalling complaints regarding the R Link system from individuals, but in an group this should get some traction.




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Two ways you can look at this, 1 Australia no longer supports 2G, therefore your live traffic etc won't happen, (not Renaults fault really),or 2 It's French & consequently a bit cranky on occasion, but still a better car than most, most of the time. And yes, R-Link 2 Cocks up on occasion, but generally comes back properly if you switch off & wait a bit. There are threads on here regarding R-Link & apparently there is a separate R-Link support line, which seems to be, by report, about as much help as a chocolate tea pot! Good luck!

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Targhe from these forums is currently having an ongoing battle regarding this. What he's discovered so far:


- It is a 3g connection, not 2g

- The connection is active. I can verify this, as I've managed to download apps from the app store while in the car, as well as the unit doing an OTA update

- Live services are not working. They should be, but they're not. A couple of days ago I got a 3 min delay pop up on my screen, when I touched it, it said this service is not active in Australia

- Renault Australia defer all r-link related issued to the UK r-link team


Edit: It takes about 2 mins for my connection to start working... if unsure, tap the weather button until you get a screen saying connecting to tom tom services

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