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Clio 172 Newbie


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I'm happy to say that I'm now a Renault owner via this Clio 172 Sport.  I've owned a lot of cars over the years but this is only my second Euro.  Previous to that it was a Porsche 928 which I can't say was the most enjoyable experience but I'm really excited about the Clio based on the very brief time I've had it and the fact that I'm a hot hatch man at heart.  I honestly had a big chuckle the first corner I moderately put it into.


The car itself is a local Adelaide car with full Renault service history and 145k on the clock.  It's all standard with a fresh set of Bridgestone Re002's.  I picked the car up for $3,000 so have a budget to do some nice mods for weekends in the hills and the odd track day or hill climb, which I'm really looking forward to.  Before that though it's booked in with my mechanic in a week or so for some preventative maintenance, including the belts which have just fallen due.  Until then it's in the garage waiting for a proper get to know each other session.


While it's been resting I've started with detailing the interior.  That's introduced me to sticky plastics (yuck!) and torx screws  :wink:   So a whole day was spent with an Enjo and detergent trying to remove the grime.


The exterior is pretty good and just needs a few touch ups which I'll get to and I'm a spray painter by trade so should have it looking pretty schmick in the near future.


One query I have is most parts and accessories I can find online seem to come from the UK or EU. Is there anywhere local to get parts and if you go OS is there any issues with shipping etc?  Any particular places anybody recommends? 






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Nice buy, good price. :)


Almost all the parts I've bought have been from UK or Europe via Ebay. Exceptions are the recommended coolant Type D which I've only been able to find at the Renault dealers.

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