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Suggestion: an eBay option


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I'm interested in selling something that's Clio Sport related.


I'd be happy to do it in an open auction where I set a reserve below which I wouldn't sell and a point in time when I'd make decision and let people who are interested bid what they are willing to pay. And stop bidding when it gets to more than they're willing to pay.


But all people want to do is send me PMs asking me what I'm asking.


Its easier to go put it on e-Bay.


How about you suggest to whoever supplies your software to add an option so someone in the For Sale section can insert an "action" option in their posting like the "poll" option.

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Gordon, no probs if you want to sell something on ebay and then post the link here. But running an auction through our site is a little beyond the intentions of the 'for sale' section.


Wouldnt this work for you?

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