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New Megane 265 Owner


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Hi guys


Proud owner of a 2013 Megane 265 Trophy+. Bought the car from a dealer a few weeks ago and so far loving the drive.


I have done the res-delete, and parts coming are


KW V3 coilovers

K-tec downpipe

K-tec air intake

Short shifter



Please let me know what you think of these mods and what mods you think I should also get.


Looking forward to meeting up with other Renault owners in Canberra and interacting with you all here.




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Welcome! When you've driven him/her for 30/40 K km and able to drive at the car's full potential, as is, think mods then. Spend the money on petrol and driver training. Only place to learn is on the track. You can't legally/safely drive, at the car's competancy level, on public roads. ???? When you're doing 1.10's regularly at WP look to mods then. What I'm saying is, in standard form, the car will always be more competent than the standard driver. Just enjoy the drive, I've had mine near 3 years and had no screaming desire to do any mods. But then I'm in the older demographic. ????

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