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Looking For An Rs250 Cup Trophee (2011/2012)


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Hi I'm looking for a 2011/2012 Rs250 cup trophee Megane in the next month or so. if anybody is thinking about selling in NSW in the coming months. Let me know, I still have to sell my car before committing to buying. Ideal price no greater than 22.5k.


P.s Any colour except yellow 




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Have you had a look on Carsales? There's a beautiful Black example listed at about $21,5k in NSW.


RS250 Cup Trophee with 30,000km on the clock. I wouldn't even look at anything else. I also found a RS250 Cup for $18,500 with less than 50k km.


EDIT: This is the one I meant. Easily the best.



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My past experience from car and motorbike shopping. If sellers only provide pictures of one particular side of the car, it's a good indication of shifty business. Usually means there is some sort of damage they are trying to hide. Move on and find another one. You're just wasting your time with them.

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