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sup ppl.

pretty random but yeah i drive a mazda3.

been a biggie fan of the RSC and have been readin thru the site a fair bit recently.

pretty solid stuff.

my bro's actually a member here and he owns a clio.

lookin 4ward to gettin involved in sum controversy.

for example, look out you megane 225 owners.

the mps3 is gonna be an absolute demon!

catch ya

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oh i assure you i wuld be surprised at what the cup can do.

in reviews my car is sposed to hav mad handling, but it actually understeers pretty bad.

so got a whiteline rear adj swaybar to fix that (not on it yet tho).

my bro can get lift-off oversteer easy on his clio.

good fun.

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my car is sposed to hav mad handling


Um, what?


Good handling for a mass market medium sized hatch.


Nothing the Clio or other Hot Hatches cannot handle though!


Welcome though.


SOooo, thinking of upgrading already? Forget it - no matter what you do to the Mazda (unless you have big $$$) you won't overtake the Clio around bends. So again, when you upgrading?


Guessing you have a Maxx Sport? Everyone in the family seems to be getting them! I count 3 sedans and 1 hatch already...

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yeah its a maxx sport. got all the fruit, and got the best engine in its class.

its my first car so really can't complain.

goes as well as i expected. a lot of my mates are surprised by how well it goes. well you know, "for a car that looks like a marshmellow and all" (i got the hatch).

wuld be pretty funny to see their faces if i had a rsc. they wuld just die.


went to heathcote one day with the ozmazdaclub boys for a bit of fun. got 16.31 down the strip. which was okay, culd do better tho.

the sp23s stock cant do any better than 15.9sec

the best did 15.4sec but with mods.

we also went with corolla sportivos as well (munt) who culd do low 15s easy, their best with mods got 14.7 i think.


(but you guys arent interested in straight line anyway, & neither am i, was just a bit of fun and interesting to compare)

quite a lot of them went out to Winton last month, but i was working so culdnt make it.

saw the fotos & looked like a mad day.

quite a few hondas came up too and they ruled the top five easy (type Rs and s2000s).


wulda been interesting if there were a few of you beasties out there with them.

culda helped stick that wheels track day article up the magazine's ass?

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