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Newbie In Nsw


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Hi guys, 


The name is Stefan (Stef for short). Recently signed up here, I have been a massive fan of Renaults for years, came close to buying a Clio 200 a couple of years ago and would have if not for the need of 5 doors and a boot. I'm no stranger to fast cars, my last 2 were Focus XR5's, the most recent one departing to update the family car (we had a Captiva which we traded in as well as my Focus for a Territory, the future wife drives that while I have a company car). 


For a crust, I am a Used Car Sales Manager for Sydney Motor Group, I'm sure most of you know where we are located already having bought cars from here previously. I have worked in the automotive industry since I graduated from school 10 years ago, starting off in Spare Parts and progressing to sales and now to management. 


If any one is looking for a car (doesn't necessarily have to be a Renault, I hold a variety of stock) please feel free to get in touch, I will be more than happy to help. 



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Hey Deb, 


No free marketing at all, not my intention. My intention is to purely contribute to the community (and potentially purchase a clio of some caliber). Another forum member Nathan (nemz) said I should sign up and have a look around... 

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Hi Stef, did you spend much time on the XR Forums? There are a few ex 4/5 owners on ozRS.


As Deb said, you're welcome to be a part of the forum as a contributor.

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