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Hello! (Interested In Megane Sport 225 Cup)


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Hi all,

I've joined as I am entertaining the idea of buying a Megane sport 225 as a new project.

I've got quite a bit of experience with other european makes but not much with anything french.


So, really, I'm keen to read about and learn the nuances with the Meganes and get an understanding of what to buy as a good starting point, whats deemed more desirable, etc.


I'm based in Geelong, VIC.



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Welcome Ash!


If you end up purchasing one then you won't look back, but then again I'm biased.


For the reading and learning about them, check out the Meg II section and Members Rides section.


Good luck!



I'll be sure to take a look.

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This link is a nice little rundown of the Megane range. But the top of the pile is the R26, which features an LSD, and the Cup, which is 4 doors, full leather etc. the R26 is a more focused package whilst the Cup is more practical. In the end though they are all about the same.


Things to look out for. Timing belt should be done. Timing belt could cost up to 1k to change every 4 years. Things that break on rare occasions are window regulators, coil packs, there were issues with earlier cars having uneven rear tyre wear. Door trims can vibrate but can be dampened with foam strips etc.

That's all I can think of. Obviously consumables like brakes and pads are expensive being Brembo but you get what you pay for

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Thanks for the link and further information. Getting to know the nuances of each specific model is the tough part. I'm keen on the two door bodyshell, so with the factory LSD, I guess the R26 is what I should be looking at.


The maintenance items dont worry me too much, as I'd simply do them myself.

They may be good negotiation points for a purchase or be on the top of the 'to do' list post-purchase.

While I'm not stressed really about colours, I do like the yellow and dark wheels combination on some of the F1 models (there is a 2008 one on carsales) and as well as a blue 2006 car.


Anyway, I'll keep reading for a while yet and hopefully learn a bit more.

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Thanks! We're in Grovedale. Where abouts are you?



I am. :)

Quality Norlane West!!.  There are a few members from Geelong here, Braymac and Steve. I know the guy who owns Qualitools is on here but not sure of his online tag.

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