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Rushed Addition To The Rs200 Club Brisvegas


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Hey all

Found myself without a car after finally selling a Subaru Liberty GT that had got too big for my needs.  Had been tyre-kicking hot hatches via motor blogs and youtube, and only really liked the Renault Clio Cup.  Took a 2nd hand one for a drive and was hooked on the handling, found the gearbox a bit hard to get used to, but good enough. Being an ex-Renault Australia car I suspected it was a past journo driver for Sandown etc. so was a bit sus about making an offer.  


Once the guy took delivery of my old car, I was stuck so I made (I thought) a reasonable offer ($30k for 2013 Cup Trophy with 3,500 km) and the dealer knocked me back, wanted $31k he reckoned. Found another with 800 km on it on carsales and rang the dealer, got it at an ok price, 2014 Cup Premium white.  Added 500km so far, and considering this was a very rushed decision I couldn't be happier. I'm probably a bit long in the tooth to be a boy racer but damn if this car isn't fun no matter what way you drive it. I don't want to go mad with mods but after working out what a 'res delete' even means (!) I'll be doing that soon.


On getting it home I found the car had gutter rash on both front wheels, pretty bad on passenger side and poor on the driver side also with a decent chunk of rubber out of the driver side tyre (down to the main meat, but probably still safe, just looks bad). Was annoyed with myself for not checking as I took delivery, everything looked so shiny I didn't even bother getting down to look. Figured I'd be f***ed like every other new car dealer I've met (the worst of which was Ian Boettcher Motors at Ipswich, but that's a story for another day) but the dealer offered to get the car back and replace both front rims and tyres this week.  Can't ask for fairer than that, has to be the most pleasant surprise with a 'stealer' I've ever had. 


So far so good with the Renault experience. And I don't care if people say I'm having a mid life crisis, I'm past mid life anyway!!




PS I previously had the Suzuki Swift Sport, the 2 latest models, and this runs rings around them for build quality, interior, handling and of course performance (this engine is crazy for a 1.6l). Of course it's $10k more, but worth every cent extra IMO. I also don't get why people would compare to a Ford Fiesta ST as a viable option, having slammed the doors on both I wouldn't even bother re-opening the door of the Ford. And as comparison to the Polo or Golf GTi, I just like to be a bit different and the VW seems to be something every hipster and yuppie wants. I don't want one for that reason (and the god awful chequered upholstery in those) :)

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