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Hey All, New 172 Owner In Sa.


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Hi everyone,


Im Tyler a Toyota fanatic, Since around 3 years ago I took my 94 Toyota Celica off the road for some major body work and modifications, This is still an ongoing (very slow) project but in the mean time I have been going through cheap cars testing the waters of what is out there that I would not normally purchase. I've had in this time the following cars: 95 Magna Wagon, 91 AWD RNU12 Bluebird, 92 EXA, 94 Liberty and a 92 Lancer. I've kept the Bluebird due to it being a rare fine in Australia and I also kept the EXA as it is a fun little car to drive in the summer with the roof off. Now recently I traded my gaming PC for a 91 EB Falcon S XR8 with some engine work. Drove it for a couple week and after filling the tank a couple times decided to give it the flick, So in turn I traded it for an 98 AU Falcon and also what has brought me here today a 2002 Clio RS 172.


I am yet to receive it from the mechanic as its half way through getting a new clutch / gearbox installed (Old gearbox was noisy & the clutch was way too sensitive so its going back to stock). I did take it for a quick spin just before it went in to the mechanics and it was a crazy good experience.


Anyway from reading around about these cars I myself like to have a good stereo with compatibility with my iPod for music. I would also love to keep the factory steering wheel controls and display working. All the reading I did lead me to some older head units (A lot of Alpine ones) I am not bias to any brand, But saying that I don't want to fork out hundreds of dollars for a head unit. So any suggestions would be great.


Also I would like to look at uploading a performance map to the cars ECU. Now I've seen the RSTuner Kit (Do they sell / ship to Aus. Are they legit?), But if I could find someone local that has one and could help me out in flashing a new map. Doing this would save me a few dollars and earn someone some extra cash. I am mostly keen to do this for the launch control.


Any advice, Easy mods that I should be looking at doing first, Really anything at all that you would highly rate doing to the car would be great to know.


My todo list so far:


*RSTune map

*Speaker upgrade

*Vinyl wrap (Need to cover the two tone paint and go a colour that stands out in matte)


Pictures (More to come when its finally received).







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It sure is a long way off. But the last 6 months of trading and driving out of the ordinary cars has been quiet fun and am super keen for when this car is back together and ready for me fingers crossed for this weekend. The mechanic sent me a few pictures of how she stands after the weekend.


The last owner said he has had the exhaust done, front shocks and all rubber mounts. And said the owner before him had it lowered, mild overhead cams installed, extractors and had some weight taken out of it. But no clue without receipts.







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