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Hello From Another Continent!


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Hey guys! New to the forum here. I know this is mostly an Aus. only forum, but here's the deal. I'm from Mexico, aaaand well, there aren't many Renaults around here. Especially rs models. The brand was just re-introduced on the country back in 2003, and since, we've had several Renaults in the family, including a scenic, Laguna turbo, a safrane, and my two clios, a 182 and the latest addition, a 2015 clio iv rs.


So! That's a little backstory. I've been learning some differences from the model we have here and the ones you've got (specifically a very annoying one involving the Renault sport dashboard light), but I am eager to keep finding things out.


Saludos a todos!!!




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Welcome mate!


Do you have plans to modify the car?

Thks! Well not yet actually. It's pretty hard to find any kind of shops around here that are willing to make some sort of mods (engine/suspension etc.) and since the car has only been for sale since November... Well you get the picture.


I've only managed to de-badge the back letters and added a replacement k&n filter.

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