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Hello From Nsw, Most People Call Me Raisin.


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Hi everybody


I don't own a Renault, but I know Numbnut from the OpelAus forums and was invited to join in on the April 2nd Wakefield track day. I figured I might as well sign up and say hi before the day.


I drive a Silver 2005 Opel Corsa SRi (a.k.a. Holden Barina) and an Arden Blue 2003 Opel Astra G SRi Turbo.


The Corsa SRi is stock aside from a Whiteline rear anti-roll bar and an Mtech short shifter and is currently functioning as my daily while I have been doing a bit of work on the Astra. I did 3 track days in it last year at Wakefield Park and got hooked so I decided I needed a second car in the event that I have a spill as my job relies on me being able to drive all around Sydney.





In comes the Astra, when I bought the Astra I planned to make it strictly my daily and to strip and cage the Corsa while going ham on the mods to turn it into a dedicated track car. This is because the Astra comes with all the nice creature comforts, like leather heated seats and enough power to be fun as it is. However, there were a number of maintenance items to be done on the car, as is to be expected from something pushing 12 years old now. When pricing up all that needed to be done I came to the conclusion that I might as well do some upgrades along the way rather than just replacing with standard factory parts. However, this meant that my modding budget for the Corsa was being spent on the Astra instead and things got a little out of hand so I have now decided to make the Astra a track + daily car and just leave the Corsa as a runaround + backup vehicle for when I am upgrading the Astra.


As it sits right now the Astra has had all 17 feet of coolant pipe in the engine bay replaced with silicone piping from Roose Motorsport in addition to a new radiator. I also installed a short shifter from Mtech and addressed other small standard maintenance items like spark plugs, fuel filter, rocker cover gasket and replaced a welch plug in the cylinder head that came out the last time I drove it.


In addition I have a set of Bilstein B14 coilovers, Whiteline front strut brace, Whiteline rear anti-roll bar, DBA T3 rotors front, DBA T2 rotors rear, QFM A1RM pads all around, TRW DOT4 racing brake fluid, new strut top mounts and a set of Work CR-Kiwami rims going in soon.




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Hang around long enough and you'll have an RS in the driveway too  :mrgreen:


Don't tempt me! A Clio Sport was on my shopping list before I bought the Corsa. Only thing is that I admittedly know very little about Renos and I'm the 4th generation in my family to keep up Opel ownership, so there's a lot of inherited knowledge and experience around Opels that I have.


Welcome mate :)




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Really like the Arden Blue Sri Turbo- my son bought one just like that in QLD- with sunroof. Really very nice to drive. Surprising car.

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