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Meg 225


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Welcome, Yasek! What colour is she? Modifications? Plans?


You might be more successful if you also start a thread in the Megane II section with your troubles - I'm not quite sure what you're describing, but it's an idea to start with the fundamentals - spark and fuel - for your power loss.


The engine mounts are a known weak point, and probably need replacing.

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Thanks griffyn,


It's 2008 Black Megane Sport Cup 225.

Firstly I've checked the sparks, coils and injectors. So 4 coils (unfortunately only Valeo were on stock and I'm not sure there working well) and 2 injectors are new.

Next I've changed the engine mounts (close to Timing belt and the bottom one). I had some problems with this close to gear box so I didn't fixed. Fuel filter also changed.


About modifications.

So far the air filter (Pipercross) and 3" KTR Decat.


Can I just move this topic to Megane II section or I need to open new one there.



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