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Instructions on RS Monitor


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Hey all,


So i finally got my Megane RS250 last night after having it shipped up from a dealer in Victoria to Brisbane.


I have no idea how to get into the RS Monitor and change the throttle mapping... does anyone have an instruction / user guide for the RS Monitor?


Or at least tell me how to do, well... pretty much everything there is to do?


Sorry if there's already a topic on this but i couldn't find it.

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I have a 265 - I think it's the same.


Press the ESC button on the lower right dash, then simultaneously press the two buttons on top of the switch block behind the steering wheel. A little message comes up on the monitor, press one of the back buttons on the switch block and the RS monitor is operational. Scroll through using the back buttons on the switch block. Change throttle mapping with the roller wheel.

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