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Long time lurker, first time poster


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Hi. I have been a member since I got my 2005 182 Cup in racing blue a few years ago. Currently has 95000Km's. It is fully novated second car with full service history. I am posting because the lease is ending soon so will be listing it for sale with pics and all in the for sale section. I am based in Sydney.




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Welcome Will!


Sad to see your first post is a sad one :(


Hope you've enjoyed the 182. Is it stock or does it have some tasty bits on it?

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Thanks guys. It is a second car as I also have a weekend car. Absolutely loved the driving and handling. It is currently stock. I was running a H&R coilover kit but switched back the the stock suspension given the upcoming lease end.

I still have a couple of months so I am yet yet to decide whether to 'include'/'throw in' the kit with car or sell it separately. The car has a Hollandia electric sunroof and window tint.

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The H&R's were a lot of fun. Lower and harder. Good for street or twisties. Care must be taken on speed bumps/driveways though as it is easy/easier to scrape the front spoiler lip. Stock are more comfy on long haul as I do some highway driving too. The big sister is an Audi B6 S4 (manual).

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