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Hi Booner, where abouts are you located?


Hey, i just updated my profile with my location. I'm in Melbourne and just sold my car so looking at all my options before i buy. The RSC 182 seems like a great car though i'm a little worried about build quality and reliability :roll:


In anycase, i've booked a test drive for this Saturday in a RSC 182 Cup. Looking forward to it after reading all the rave reviews :mrgreen:

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Booner, I've had my 172 for 2 years now and never been left with it undrivable - but things do go wrong (same with any car as you can expect). It seems the most important parts of the car is where the money went - engine, brakes and suspension, the clio really is a hot hatch through and through. See how the build quality rides with you when you test drive the car, any squeaks or rattles can be fixed by the dealer anyway.

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Whereabouts are you in Melbourne Boomer? IF you want the low down on a lot of clio stuff and the webstie and tuning houses and dealer stuff, you can PM me, I won't direct you to old threads and I'll share some experiences about being a newbie.

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