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Drove an RS265 today. After some clarification


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Hi All,


Today I took an RS265 for a test drive and just looking for some input / clarification on a couple of things.


1) - When the RS250 was first launched I took one for a very brief drive and distinctly remember thinking to myself "this steering wheel is too big" not the thickness but the overall diameter. Today, the 265's felt just right. Is this one of the changes made to the car? Maybe back then I was just used to the wheel in the 197 I'd driven a few times...


2) I also remember the roof lining and A B & C pillar trims being black in the 250 but today the 265 was Grey. Searching in google images both colours come up on for the 265. What's the story there?


3) Is there much of a handling difference between 18" and 19" alloys?


4) Can Stop/Start be disabled? I hate it


5) What are the common issues / faults with these cars?



Thanks in advance,

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1. No the diameter of the steering wheel hasn't changed at all. Maybe just the difference between the 197 and 250 you saw the difference but hasn't changed.

2. The roof lining is grey if the optional sun/panoramic roof is chosen. Otherwise it is normally black.

3. 19" would have stiffer sidewalls but I'm sure most people would agree the 18"s are the better option. Cheaper for tires and more compliant ride.

4. Stop/start can only be disabled in sports mode.

5. viewtopic.php?f=45&t=25219

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Can't really add much else to whats been answered already (nice one iceman!)


However, if luxuries aren't really a "thing" the cup version is steal at the price they are going for. Goodluck with your choice!


If 2nd hand 250s are a consideration there a few awesome bargains going on right now.. including one dubbed "the monster" on sale by Ace here on the forums.



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