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Hello from NZ


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Hi Guys, Id like to say "Hi" from New Zealand.


Im not a Renault Sport owner myself, but my Father is and I may talk the GF into getting one.

Dads recently purchased Clio 172, he was tossing up between a 172/182 or an E46 M3 manual but ended up with the Clio for around 1/4 of the price but with pretty much the same thrills.

This is going to be a daily driver for him and odd track car. He also owns an BMW M3 E30 and 2 VW Golf GTI Mk1's, a road car and a race/targa car. Sadly due to cancer/opps he wont be able to wear a 5 point harness anymore so the race car will be going but the hopefully the Clio will be able to provide enough thrills on the track!


As for myself I also own a track focused VW Golf GTI Mk1 and an Audi RS2.


Back to the Clio, its standard at the moment, the front lights have been sorted, DS2500 brake pads are about to be ordered and some new tyres. Also toying with the idea of a Whiteline RARB andd some lowering springs - what would you recommend and when would you get them from?

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Welcome mate! Great to hear the story and some sweet cars in the family garage!


Any photos?

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