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RS250 for daily duties


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Hi All,


I'm looking at a work car over the next few months and in an office full of car guys the boss is very lenient on what we get. I'm considering getting a 2011 RS 250 Trophy. I drive a lot of country km out past Geelong and also into gippslabd . how does the suspension go on these sort of bumpy freeways? Would I be better off getting just a cup model instead?


Is it a car I will be able to deal with as a daily? I'm coming from a Nissan v35 coupe (auto) and I'm looking for something a bit more fun :)

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Quite a few of us here have a 250 as a daily. Mine has been my daily for 20 months now and I find it very comfortable on country roads, though it won't be as comfy as a G35 as has already been mentioned, but once the corners start tightening up you'll stop caring I reckon :)

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I've had mine for 25 months and drive around $1,000 kms a week. 60% of that is on "freeways", and the rest on country "B", "C" & "D" roads.

Sure, you know you're driving a sports car, and the bumps prove it! But like others have said, it manages rough roads and big bumps very well and is seldom unsettled.

What's more, the faster you go, the more settled, stable, and capable it all gets! :P

Do it - you won't regret it!

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