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Finally got my RS!


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Hey guys,


I'm new to the Renault owners scene, but trust me, I know quite a bit about the little frenchies. I'm currently employed as a 1st year apprentice mechanic, at a local Melbourne Renault/Peugeot specialist workshop ;D not sure whether or not mentioning the business will affect customers and the business or not.


However besides that. I've just bought my 2006 Renault Megane sport 225 cup in the past couple of weeks picked it up from a wholesaler dirt cheap. Can't wait to take her the the track as I know what they are capable of. so far it's been an amazing car, I've done front discs and pads, service and timing belt on it. So she is ready to go as an everyday car.


Just want to know what some good upgrades would be first off, and who to take it to in Victoria for a good time Yupp to boost kw a bit :) ? If you can help me out I'd appreciate it forever!


Thanks, glad to be a member :)



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Welcome Anton! Great car you have there. I'd recommend an RSTuner, I'd swear by it and plenty of people on the forums run it. You can purchase it online from fastchip and you get a free map which should bring a smile to your face.



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