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As I've got a race car and do drive quite some distances for work and family I got the base spec RS265 with comfort in mind. I don't need the best track day car but the best all rounder that can hit the track, cross the mountains AND is my daily driver. Red with black wheels and matching red stitching, red calipers and seatbelts. I did not want the race recaro's as I get that from my race car and a 12hr drive would be painful. I traded in a 2003 Landrover Discovery II V8. Talk about a complete different drive. I needed the most comfortable RS265 I could get plus something for client track days. This was obviously easily the best on the market. My wife loves it too which is a big plus.


I'm keen to get my RS265 out for a Sydney Motorsport Park track night in May as my wife is overseas May to mid June. Cannot wait to track the red meanie!


The race car is a 1972 BMW E3 3.0S converted into a 2 door. Weighs around 1150kg. 300hp, 580nm torque. 5 speed dogleg box et. al. When I work out how to post pictures I'll put a few up in the relevant section. The BMW is the only two door E3 3.0s in the world and really draws attention. Finished the build last November, raced the Tasman Revival with just twin Su's and no accelerator pedal (just the steel bar). Now she is close to complete with triple 45DCOE webers and the only item now standard (needed for the class) is the brakes. I'm a noob racer but love it. Still lots to learn on the track and keen to get out, listen, learn and improve.

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only because you sold me that little car Murphy. Still going like a dream. Still the best car I've ever bought!


I have a few clients and associates that love to do track days. I now get to take the Red Meanie along.


Hey Murph, put your headphones on, turn up the volume, go to the 1.20 minute mark, grab a glass of something with a kick and have a listen to my BMW racer climb to 8000rpm. If only my RS sounded like this.


The only down side with the RS???? What the hell is up with that horn? Talk about way too soft and polite!! hehe

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I'm glad you are still happy with the little red beast! I'm still to hear a bad thing about them!

I actually had a client once call me quite worried and ask if there was an issue with the horn because it sounded to girly and quiet. I had to politely explain that it was normal.



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