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182 Parts in Brisbane and Australia


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Evening all, I'm the new proud owner of a 182 Sport. There were a few things missing from this car and I want to locate them. Is this possible in Australia or does anyone have useful links overseas ??


I need;

1. Tow hook

2. Renault centre hub removal tool

3. mechanism/handle to move passenger seat forward and back (floor slide)

4. Gear lever knob


Appreciate any ideas on sourcing these things. Thanks

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Search for forum member Wolf. From memory he wont answer PM's so email him. He should be able to source those parts for u :)


EDIT: Better yet call him direct; 0404 139 900


Heheh...good mannnn. Although, i will answer PMs if i get around to them.

Just quote over email though...purely for the sake of keeping records etc.


Anyways, help is available if you need it bud, otherwise, i wish you the best with the hunt.



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