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Dynamic Duo = Renault POWER !

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Not sure if anyone really cares...But, When I read this piece of news this morning, I was over the mean !


This is obviously going to infuriate some, and put a smile on the face of others. As a supporter from waaaaay back as far as I can remember... This is truly a dream team combination for me.


http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/afl ... 6590450012


And Renault S.A. If your reading this. I suggest a deal be put forward for existing RS members, owners, whatever, to promote the sale of its product. Or anyone who buys a Renault even if its not an RS. As a promotion and reward to anyone buying a Renault for a limited period of time...


Anyone who purchases a brand new Renault, receives a full years POWER membership. :headbang:


Come on Renault ! You can do it. The P.A.F.C needs all the support it can get right now, they have been a winning and successful organisation for well over 100 years, just as Renault has been. It is an amalgamation of 2 proud and passionate identities in their own right. Do your supporters a favour. They will be forever grateful !



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