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another not so newbie , now with rs 250


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Having just sold my 197 to alex, I needed a motor. Having procrastinated ( sorry to those at Peter Warren) for a while, the second hand rs 250 came up on this site.So up I got on Sat morning and caught the 0610 flight to the Gold Coast.I was met , on arrival, by Peter and his girlfriend ( who very kindly got up at an ungodly hour) who introduced me to my new best friend.It was an extremely easy transaction and was only hindered by the usual finance company paper trail.Peter ( who's on the forum) was fantastic and the car was in better nick than I'd expected ( he got up at 0500 to clean it!).It was indeed 'as new'.Also, the 19 inch wheels which I wasnt a fan of , actually look great with this colour car ( lunar grey).

The trip back was pretty long and unexciting ( thankfully) , but I did take the longer way home when I reached Mount White- I was tired and I had a Civic Type R up my clacker so I took it easy.These cars have an unbelievable amount of grip.

What was nice was the ergonomics- pretty much the same as the Clio- but with way more gadgets!

the recaros were comfy for the whole trip ( 10 hours with two short breaks), and I reckon the stereo is fine! Obviously some people havent heard the Clio's one ( which I also think was fine).The non leather recaros look awesome, esp with the yellow ( but with kids, soon to be dirty yellow) belts. The whole bluetooth thing worked from the go get, and today I worked out the throttle sensitivity thing. I dont reckon I'll be looking at the RS Monitor too much.

I also cant believe how good ( relatively) the ride is- beautifully damped.Obviously its firm but I think it's got more composure than the 197 ( I'd hate to think how stiff the 197/200 Cup suspension is).

The car looks horn!






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