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I want to buy a Megane RS175-Test drive in Melbourne


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I am very interested n purchasing a 175 but have never had a ride or a drive in one. I live in Mentone, Vic. Is there anyone who could help me please or I drive to their house in Melbourne. Obviously have sat in 225 etc. Currently have 2004 Laguna V6. Yes, Renault builds real V6s at 60 degrees. Not at 90 like the Germans so they can use the V8 transfer line etc.

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Sorry in NSW. But as a recent dCi owner, I am happy with my choice.


Important thing for me is that dyamically, the diesel is a match for the petrol (Motor Magazine found the oiler can generate faster mid corner speeds than the petrol). You will find the ride firmer than your Laguna but hey, I jumped from a Xantia to a RS 172 so you get used to it.


The engine is refined and torque builds up from about 1500rpm. It does not mind having a rev either. Just don't expect a Pagani Zonda esque sound track when you go through a tunnel! Its in gear acceleration is good but it's no quater-mile standing start sort of car. However so long as you are at 1500rpm or above, the engine is very responsive. My fuel consumption (from the trip computer) is almost aways 5.4l/100 kms (equates to over 1000km's a tank) Obviously, more urban driving would increase this.


Foibles: Haven't had the car long enough to know abou wear /tear and reliability (so check 225 comments for relevant feedback). Oil is expensive if they use the specifed Elf lubrican (buy some yourself).

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