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Hi everyone, thought I would come across and join in some of the discussions over here very keen to to engage in the topics at this site, great to have a site like this one and good to see alot of poeple here appreciating Renaults.


Headng off to a Renault dealer come this Saturday, to check out the new Megane 250 Cup, hopefully will be ordering one if they look after me on my rs225 Meg which I love, she only has 13000kms and only goes out once every couple of months, lives in my garage with a warm cover over her.


I have always loved Renaults, my first car was a Fuego which I gave to my mates Kid for his 21st, the megane 250 is getting a bit of attention in Australia, although the vw polo got hot hatch in the Australian Wheels magazine, which is a joke.


The best thing about the Megs is it has one a lot of car awards in Europe where it really counts, can't half tell I am biased.


Speak to you all soon.













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Hi Fuego,

That's some low k's you have there.

Btw, feel free to start new thread and introduce yourself there. We'd love to see any pics of old and new Renaults and always up for a good chat.



ps: we're all biased here.

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