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WA 'Oiler'

RS DCI 175

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G'day all,


Bought myself a RenaultSport Megane dCi 175 demonstrator recently which I use for daily commuting and fun on weekends around Perth.


I'm really happy with its zippy performance, on rails type handling and fantastic economy (last fill averaged 6.1 l/100km). I previously owned a 2005 RSC Cup which was almost as fantastic fun too.


I'm looking forward to forum interaction and meeting some of the other local sandgroper Ozrenaultsport members.






RSM dCi 175

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G,day Max and welcome from another WA RSM owner. Is that the ex Melville Renault car? No doubt you scored yourself a bargain there. Keep an eye out for one of our drive days. We haven't had one for a while so we are certainly due one. Good luck with the new beast!





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Hi Max,

Welcome aboard. I would also love to hear your feedback on the Diesel RS.

Interested in the power and torque it delivers and when - in the real world, not a brochure.




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